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Lockdown Productivity aka Sneaker Heads

Before our first lockdown in March, I'd been kicking this idea around for a few months; a deck of cards with trainer brands replacing the traditional suits. Having three months under house arrest gave me all the time I needed to develop the idea, design the cards and even get a limited run manufactured. If I'm honest, I think without this project to get stuck in to, mentally speaking, I might have fared less well.

So with another 4 week "stay at home order" starting this week, I'm wondering if this project has any more mileage beyond what I've already set in motion.

I imagine if you've found your way here, you'll already be aware that I've started production on a Sneaker Heads t-shirt line. Each month I'm offering a different court card (pictured) that I screen print myself, on to crisp, "earth positive," organic cotton garms, once pre-sales have closed. This in itself will be a 14 month project (can't forget the jokers), with my hope being that I'll be able to display this body of work in a gallery once it's all complete. But aside from scaling up the images from card size to t-shirt size, and the actual production, there isn't a whole lot of creative work to do. Certainly not enough to keep me occupied for a month.

So where else can I go with this? Should I even? Or should I find a new project for the new lockdown? Time will tell I guess.

Meanwhile, for info on which Sneaker Head is up for grabs on a shirt this month, head over to my store or follow me on Instagram

Hope you're all doing OK out there. xo

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